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Digital Courses

With over 25 years of experience in the aerospace and aviation industry, I've harnessed the knowledge and skills acquired in the corporate world to create a successful, self-built business. My journey of growth and innovation is ongoing, as I continuously seek new and improved methods. All of my insights and expertise are encapsulated in these comprehensive courses, designed to share my journey and strategies with you, so that you can also embark on a path to building your own success.

Where do I start?

Embark on an enthralling educational journey with the freedom to choose any course as your starting point. Each course is intricately crafted, not just to enhance your knowledge, but to ignite your personal brand with a dynamic, ever-growing brilliance. For those who prefer a structured learning path, I've curated a recommended sequence that optimally builds your expertise and confidence. Discover the sequence that will unlock your full potential:

  • #1 Free Mini Course - This will ignite you!
  • #2 The Aircraft Parts Course - This will enable you to start in 1 or 5 different areas of interest or spark ideas in others. Blueprint for working and making money remotely in Aerospace/Aviation.
  • #3 The Marketing Goldmine - Discover the exclusive blend of techniques I employ to captivate attention on social media, seamlessly merging time-honored, traditional analog methods with cutting-edge, modern strategies sales and marketing strategies. 
  • #4 Book a 1:1 Coaching Session: Enroll Now and start your journey to greatness! 
  • #5 High Ticket Sales Goldmine - Coming Soon! Step into the B2B sales arena with the power to sell high-ticket training programs and courses, valued at $9,997+. No need to create anything; we've got you covered with ready-made, top-quality materials you can sell. Dive in, and start selling today!

The Aircraft Parts Course

  1. Comprehensive Understanding of Aerospace Market Opportunities: Gain in-depth knowledge of the current aerospace market, including emerging trends and niches, to identify profitable opportunities where your skills can be most valuable.

  2. 5-in-1 Operating System Mastery: Learn a unique, multifaceted approach to monetizing aerospace expertise, covering aspects such as brokering, buying and selling aircraft parts remotely, consulting/coaching, recruiting, skillset brokering, high ticket corporate sales training and leadership and freelancing strategies tailored to the aerospace industry.

  3. Step-by-Step Business Setup and Growth Strategies: Receive practical guidance on setting up and scaling a home-based aerospace business, including legal considerations, branding, networking, and effective online presence management to attract and retain clients.

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The Marketing Goldmine

  1. Social Media Mastery for Business Growth:

    • Gain comprehensive knowledge about leveraging platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram for business growth.
    • Learn about content strategies, algorithm optimization, engagement tactics, and converting followers into customers.
    • Understand the analytics and metrics for measuring success and refining strategies on these platforms.
  2. Innovative Monetization Strategies in Social Media:

    • Explore various methods to monetize your presence on social media platforms.
    • Learn about direct monetization techniques like sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and social media advertising.
    • Delve into indirect monetization strategies such as lead generation for your products or services, building brand authority, and increasing visibility for partnerships and collaborations.
  3. Blending Digital and Traditional/Analog Marketing for Maximum Impact:

    • Understand how to effectively combine digital and traditional marketing strategies for a holistic approach.
    • Learn techniques like integrating direct mail campaigns with social media efforts, leveraging networking events to boost online presence, and using print media to complement digital advertising.
    • Receive practical advice on creating a cohesive marketing plan that utilizes both online and offline methods to attract and retain clients, enhance brand awareness, and create a strong market presence.
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