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Hi, I'm Curtis.

I Help Transform Your Expertise Into Profit:

Monetize Your Professional Skills In The Aerospace Industry

My Story and Professional Background

I was born and raised in the UK to British parents. My mother remarried a gentlemen in the USAF while he was stationed in England. I moved to the states in the early 90's. I've lived two thirds of my life between Texas and California.

My dream as a young adult was to be a firefighter. Somewhere around mid-late 90's is when things changed and life happened. I fell into the Aerospace/Aviation Industry.

I started working for a small privately held FAA Part 145 repair station in Texas. If you're not familiar (The term Repair Station refers to a maintenance facility that has a certificate issued by the FAA under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations ( 14 CFR ) Part 145 and is engaged in the maintenance, inspection, and alteration of aircraft and aircraft products). I was there for almost 5 years. I had the chance to work in operations and supply chain. This was the first time my mind was blown. I couldn't believe how much aircraft parts cost and what they sold for. 

I worked for another FAA Part 145 Repair Station for a short time in a similar role before accepting a Purchasing Manager role in Los Angeles, California working for my 3rd FAA Part 145 Repair Station. 

I really enjoyed my time there, I met my late mentor and good friend while working for that company. While there I had the chance to really learn the business and understand the buying and selling side of the aircraft aftermarket. In 3 years I had bought and sold 12+ million dollars worth of new and USM (Used Serviceable Material) to third parties, airlines, manufacturers, and to the military. The aerospace industry was truly a "Goldmine". 

After 3 years with that company I was ready for some serious growth. I accepted a new role about 50 miles away in Orange County, CA, working for a large Fortune 500 Aerospace Manufacturer, running their FAA Part 145 Repair Station. This was my best career move. Tons of growth, training programs, phenomenal operating systems and amazing exposure to all areas of the business. I truly owned my destiny. 

After 10.5 years great years with that company I was ready for another new challenge. I took a role working for another large corporation, running their FAA Part 145 Repair Station.

Then, 20+ years in the Industry I was ready for a new challenge. I knew how to fix problems (big and small operational problems) that exist within manufacturing and the aftermarket world. I knew how to broker, buy and sell aircraft parts. I knew sales and marketing. I knew Operations and Quality. I knew Supply Chain, the entire SIOP process. I knew how to hire the right people, coach, mentor and empower massive work forces. I knew all the pain points of the hourly and salaried work forces felt for every role. I knew how poorly some people are paid. I'd seen what the cost of poor leadership did to the people and to company bottom lines. I'd seen what solid systems deployed looked like, correctly coupled with great leadership. 

I saw an opportunity. An opportunity to do something different! 

I turned my knowledge and expertise into a coaching and consulting business that I can work remotely.

Hi, I'm Curtis Hickling. Founder and Sr. Lead Consultant of Airplane Media LLC,. Owner of AircraftProfit.com (Airplane Media LLC)

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What I Do Now. 

As the founder and sole operator of my enterprise, I leverage the extensive knowledge and expertise I've gained from the Aerospace and Aviation sector. My business primarily operates remotely, with 99% of activities conducted online. The remaining 1% involves engaging in face-to-face workshops, occasional client meetings, and attending industry events for networking and professional development.

My business specializes in several high-value niches:

  • Aircraft Part Brokerage: I facilitate the buying and selling of aircraft parts without maintaining any inventory.
  • Consulting Services: I offer consultancy to enhance leadership abilities and operational efficiency in organizations, utilizing my proprietary 'Business Optimization System' (BOS).
  • Digital Products and Coaching: I create and sell high-end digital courses, alongside offering coaching services for premium clients.
  • Recruitment Solutions: My focus extends to recruiting top talent for the Aerospace, Automotive, and Manufacturing sectors.
  • Skillset Brokerage: I connect skilled professionals with opportunities that align with their expertise, fostering growth and innovation in the industry.
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My Personal Life

I'm no different than most people. I'm married, with five adult children. I love watching most sports. I workout as much as I can. I cherish my free time and love to travel.

The only thing that I would say is different, is that I have morphed my business into my personal life. Why? Well I love what do, it goes where I travel and it doesn't take up huge amounts of time unless I want it to. I control my destiny, not my destiny controlling me. I live life on my terms and I get to help other people and companies succeed too.  

What Drives Me?

Helping people, and the Aerospace companies they work for; is what drives me.

I provide solutions and tools for people and companies within aerospace. Sometimes outside of Aerospace too.

My goal is to equip you with the blueprint to start a profitable business through coaching, consulting and digital courses. 

Whether you choose to start part time, full time or just value the information is entirely up to you. 

I've lived through same of the pains points that most people feel on the job:

- Overlooked for Promotions

- Underpaid and underappreciated

- Poor Leadership

- Overworked and stressed

- Trading time for money

There's a GOLDMINE in Aerospace. A one person business in the right niche can make 5,6 or even 7+ figures annually.

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